01 February 2008

Happy February!!!!!!!

Yeah!!!! We made it past January. Even though it is still winter and cold, I'm celebrating the begininng of a month that is going to be great and so much better than boring depressing January! It just wasn't my month but I just know in my heart (catch the pun? Valentines....heart) that it will be a much better month.

So whats so much better about February, you may ask? Well here's a little list:

  1. Valentines Day - I am a very lucky and spoiled girl who gets taken out to a nice restaurant for a lovely dinner...I love eating out!!!

  2. 3 birthdays: Little sis Carol on the 13th, big bro Tom on the 17th and friend Susi on the 15th.

  3. Groundhog day tomorrow when we find out what that cute little rodent has in store for us!!

  4. Chinese New Year - It is on the 7th and it is the year of the rat, i believe! or is it refered to as mouse? hmmmm....correct me if i'm mistaken. To find out what your Chinese Astrology is, go here. I'm lucky year of the rabbit...woohoo! (actually i do love nibbling on carrots).

  5. My big sis Cathy will be visiting from out west on the 13th, yeah!!! Can't wait to see her and hear about her trip to Hawaii! (Lucky girl!!)

  6. It's my Lulu Belle's 1st birthday on the 22nd. Well, technically we don't know her birthday but i made it up cos 22 is my lucky number and we know she was born sometime this month! If you are wondering who the heck Lulu is, she's my cute little beagle/basset doggie.

  7. The wonderfully frustrating tv show "LOST" is back in tv land for me to enjoy (it's been a painfully long wait since last seasons show back in May 2007, i think it was). Maybe we'll find out some of the deep dark secrets of that mysterious island. I have to say, the writing on that show, the ideas and characters and the cinemaphotography is just top notch!!

So, as you can see it is a much more positive and fulfilling month (for me anyhoo) and who knows, maybe some other nice things will happen!!

Oh, i almost forgot!!! I wanted to leave you with this fabulous recipe from one of my fave blogs 'Posey gets Cosy', for Swedish pancakes. I'm tres excited about making them this weekend. They look wonderfully delicious, crepe-y type pancakes and i have a can of whipped cream in the fridge that i am saving for them. I'm gonna load on the whipped cream with some pure maple syrup and some sliced peaches and wild blueberries. I hope you try them out too! Yah Yah!


nathalie said...

Hi Pat,

I'm excited it's February too but it sure came in like a lion, what a snow storm! Will check out the pancake recipe, sounds wonderful!
happy February!

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

YAY for February!! I made those pancakes!!! They were amaziiiiiiiing!!! xoxoxxo

smittenkittenorig said...

The return of Lost was almost worth that interminable hiatus! :D Yay, February! It's going to rock totally.

I think your blog is nifty. I'm really digging the food angle. :) The brie with cherry preserves was speaking to me and now I'll have to pop over to "Posey". :D


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