18 February 2008

Just Do It!

(Warning: long-winded blog post ahead! )

Have you ever had so many ideas or projects, creative or otherwise, that you just feel like your head may explode? I am constantly inspired to make stuff, in a variety of mediums, from jewelry to sewing and painting, and i am frustrated that i can't seem to get into a productive mode. I'm great at writing down the idea, usually with drawings of details and specifics. I often start a project and find it hard to finish it, either because i don't know how to, or because i lose interest. I was complaining to Steven the other day that i think i've lost my creative mojo. I mean i used to be so much more productive in the past, especially when i was in my 2o's and 30's. I used to sew up dozens of bags in a month. Now i'm lucky if it's one a month!! I'm trying to figure out why i've slowed production of projects, almost to a halt. I think one reason is lack of motivation.

I love thinking of ideas, and i get excited about the idea, but then something happens where i just think too much about it when i should 'Just Do it'! I tend to lose interest in the project of the moment quickly and then move on to a new idea. So, does the fact that i have a different life affect my creativity? The difference between now and then, is that i had more energy 'then', than i do now. I now have a big house to take care of, complete with a dog, two cats and a life partner ( I can't say hubby yet and I'm tired of saying fiancee!). So even though Ive got a few more responsibilities 'now', you think i could squeeze in at least a couple of hours per day for creative pursuits. Well, after cooking and cleaning, and in between dog walking and errands, duties and chores, I should be able to. I'm afraid, I'd much rather plunk myself down in front of the boob tube (with Satelite and HD 42" screen) on a comfy sofa and watch a program while multi-tasking (reading, making lists, eating or playing with the dog). I've become., well.....pretty gosh darn hopeless.!I'm not happy being this unproductive. I've got at least half a dozen half-finished projects on my studio table. And YES, i do have a studio now! A spare bedroom has been made into my workroom/cats haven. Back 'then', my studio was my bedroom or my living room. I had to live around constant messiness!

I must find some way to get my creative mojo back! Do you have any suggestions? Please be as candid or blunt as you like! I could use a good kick in the pantaloons!
If you've read this far i do apologize for the long and boring post. I tried to make it a bit less tedious by inserting some of my latest winter wonderland photos of our views from the back yard. As much as i am sick to death of winter i do appreciate how beautiful the trees look after a snowfall.


elisebeth said...

Oh, don't feel bad about not finishing a project. I've got loads and loads of supplies, which I once bought on some silly whim thinking that I would make this, or make that, and where are those supplies today? Gathering dust in a closet somewhere.

So don't feel bad! You're not alone! :)

Anonymous said...

i totally understand what you mean!

i think anybody who is creative experiences moments like these. the beginning of every semester in college, i used to have a semi-mini-breakdown thinking that i had lost all of my creative 'mojo' and would never be able to get it back. then, of course, it would always make its way back.this happened time and time again. the hard part about college for me was that i HAD to be creative in order to pass my courses! (i was a design major).

just try to take your lack of motivation to create as a sign that maybe you need a little break! you need to rest and renew yourself with the inspiration that's around you. if you don't force yourself to be creative and just go with the flow, before long, you'll be back into the swing of things. if you only feel like sketching, then just sketch. if you only feel like ripping out pretty pictures, then rip away! it's how the creative process works!

good luck ;)

saffron said...

Hi Tricia!

I feel the exact same way! I'm blaming it on the winter blues. But it's funny, in the summer I think about winter with thoughts of being creatively busy with all of the indoor time. I think we both should just force ourselves to do it! That's the answer, maybe!

Hang in there, and good luck (oh, and the pictures are so pretty!)


KB said...

Pretty Trees! I miss snow.

I found that writing down all your project ideas helps. Post it in your studio so that you remind yourself what it is you want to make. The best feeling comes when you can cross something off the list.

Tricia said...

Thanks to everyone for your imput on creative mojo....there were some great tips here!


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