25 February 2008

The big One!

Lulu Belle, our little beagle girl, has just turned one year's old! I chose last Friday, the 22nd of February to be her birthday, because while i know she was born sometime this month, the rescue kennel didn't know her exact day of birth, so I decided the 22nd would have to be the day, since 22 is my lucky number.
Steve thought i was a little nutso to make a cake for her, but heck, I love to bake anyway, and i love having a special occasion to bake something! So I made a carrot cake, without nuts and raisins and made a cream cheese frosting and made it pretty with the red sprinkles on top.

Here she is at the age of 6 months and this is her now:
I wish i could have seen her as a really small puppy! I bet she was such a cutie!

While at the dollar store I found this jumbo balloon, it's supposed to blow up to 4 feet, Cool!

Steve reluctently agreed to blow it up for me...he's full of alot of hot air anyway!! Ha!

He blew until his neck veins started popping out!

Pretty soon I couldn't even see him anymore!

He didn't blow it up all the way though. I think he got about half filled before he had had enough of the giant orange balloon.

Lulu sure had a ball playing with it! We threw it around and she got all excited, barking and baying and trying to bite it. She even bounced it off her nose.
After about 10 minutes she tried to eat it and of course, it popped, um, quite loudly! Poor Lulu's balloon was burst!

But we still had the cake! Yes, we even lit the candle and sang 'Happy Birthday' to her and i blew out the candle for her. (strange, i know, to celebrate a dog's birthday, but being a nutball, i had to!!)

I have to say though, it was mighty good! I'm usually alot more gaga over chocolate cake, but it was nice and moist, and the cream cheese icing was so delicious! I think i may have to make another one soon. Lulu got to eat a piece too! She sure enjoyed that!


Anonymous said...

happy doggie birthday lulu


leslie said...

she is SUCH a gorgeous doggie! happy birthday lulu!

Nathalie said...

Ok, I thought my craving for cake had passed but seeing your cake ... um ... NO! Now, I want cake!
Happy Birthday little Lulu!
p.s. I think that is very sweet of you to celebrate your dog's birthday!

Tizzalicious said...

What a cutie!

CiaoHound said...

Happy Birthday, Lulu from Velvet and me!!!


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