05 March 2007

pink cupcakes!

Nothing is as delightful as a hot cuppa tea and a yummy chocolate cupcake with pink buttercream icing to perk me up since we are now back in the deep freeze here in southern Ontario. We still have snow and ice and a cold wind to contend with when we step outside our door.............

that's why i'm spending as much time as possible inside the house baking and reading and doing a ton of organizing. I sent 2 large bags of clothes (some of the items date back to the eighties-whoa!) to the Goodwill, which gave our closets some breathing space. Ahhhhhhh.

I added a few drops of red food coloring to this white icing to give it the faintest pink hue. I made far to much buttercream and will have to refrigerate it and made a cake in a few days. There goes my waistline.

I love this vintage pink plate and it complements these cupcakes with their pretty red sprinkles. I can't wait to taste these babies.

Ohhhh, these were super duper yummylicious! The buttercream perfectly fluffy and sweet while the cupcake was slightly fudgey and dense.
Who cares about a waistline anyway, flowy, loose-fitting blouses are in for spring anyway!


leslie said...

oh man, those look sooooo amazing! yum!

n said...

I just had breakfast but now I want one of those cupcakes!!! They look dee-licious!!
Next week the temperatures are warming up, try to make it this week, things are looking up.
We're also changing the hours ahead one hour this Sunday and that's always a good sign that spring is near!

C said...

Looks yummy, now I want to make some cupcakes too!
We are having hot chocolate with whipped cream right now, sooooooo cold out there and the wind is howwwwwling!
Will be warming up by the weekend, only 15 days until SPRING!

risa said...

omg, those cupcakes look sooooooooooooooooooooo good. i need to do some baking.

Vanessa said...

Hurray!!!!! A woman after my own heart who knows what to do on a cold winter day. Anyhow, not to chap your....But it is going to be 90 degrees here today. And, I must say, Isn't there a happy medium??? It went from 65 days to 90 days. YUCK. Heat is not good either......But, I guess it is better than being locked up due to the cold??? I don't know anymore....Can I have one of those??????? YUMMY!!!!xxo, Vanessa

Amy C. Martin said...

I'll take one of those delicious looking cupcakes, the boots you have posted below, and Vanessa's 90 degree weather (please!!)

tatjana said...

Yay for baking fun!! I can't wait til I am back in Canada among my large family and can bake cupcakes too! I only have the teeniest of sweet tooths (thank god, or my arse would be ginormous!) and the boy just doesn't eat! So baking must sit sadly wishing to be eaten. Your icing looks so lovely and fluffy - what brand of beater is that in the picture? I'm going to have to equip a kitchen at some point, so I should start collecting tips :)


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