02 March 2007

fashion friday

The Good...

I'm seriously digging these boots that I saw on a Japanese fashions website...
they did'nt name the brand though..... they are such a fabulous shade of khaki and I love the stitching, kind of a western flair and love the heels. I'm a tall girl and don't like anything high, I am just not comfortable in them, and feel like a giant, but maybe if i were shorter i might...oh, i want these!!

The Bad....

Oh Suzanne Somers.....what happened to you?! It looks like you were kidnapped on the way to the Oscar parties by some overzealous crafters who wanted to hot glue a ka-zillion satin flowers on your dress....Good lord!
and a make-up tip Suzie...less is more! Call attention to your features, don't cover them up....careful with the blush Chrissy!

and The Ugly.

Oh, I think that cute girl from Dawson's Creek looks sweet with her Rosemary's Baby pixie cut, but that dress!! A decidedly strange bodice covered in some funky metal doo-dads and sewn on to a drab skirt just says frumpy thrift store to me and it's ill-fitting to boot, just not working for ya girlfriend...and Heath, what's with the shirt tales sticking out of your jacket... sloppy, sloppy!


Amy said...

i love those boots too! dang!

c said...

Ya, those are nice boots, love the color

c said...

Suzanne looks possessed!
She's fallen under the spell of the satin or satan(no pun)flower people!
She seems, in the past, obsessed with looking thin and fit, well this dress adds a few pounds, YIKES!

The woman in the background also has maybe bought her dress from the same place as Miss Somers.

Maybe they just want to stand out in the crowd.

Tricia said...

a few pounds! i bet that dress is 30 lbs of satin!!
i just noticed that woman dressed in that silver gown in the background..lol! that is really awful too!

Vanessa said...

Ok. I must admit, we would be good friends. Why? Because we would never have to share our shoes and so we would never have that annoying issue. Those boots are so flat I would never be able to walk in them, and they are soooo talll, they would reach my inner thingh.. heeehe heee hee. But, I bet they would look hot on a tall woman, quite like you!!!!! I am 5' 2" So, I always wear heels, at every moment, even when doing pottery. Can you imagine that?????? Get the boots....Can you, did it say where they were from? And Suzanne, YOUR BOOBS!!!! they are below the flowers and to the waist... Talk about your boobs hanging down like roots....YIKES!!!! I am so glad I did not bother with that thigh thing she was selling for like 200 million years of infomercials, it helped all the wrong places!!!...Although, I am gory and don't mind the make-up too much... hee hee heee......And those last two. I am just going to bypass it completely. they look so silly, I can't even force a comment......Bluck. How are you my sweets? I have not talked directly to you in like 3 days. hee hee hee, feel like 3 months in blogging world!!!! Funny post! I am still giggling!!!..... xxo, Vanessa

Anonymous said...

re: Suzanne Somers - move over Regan from the exorcist. blahhhh!
(bad make up job Chrissy!)

Anonymous said...

re: Suzanne Somers - move over Regan from the exorcist. blahhhh!
(bad make up job Chrissy!)

risa said...

vanessa made me crack up! i am failry short 5'4'' but i don't wear heels that often. i would totally dig those boots. i like the little heel. just a little lift is perfect for me. thank you!

tatjana said...

Like Risa, I'm 5'4" and don't wear heels really either, and I don't think I could wear boots that long without looking like a circus midget. I would think they would look especially lovely on long legs like yours. Don't be too hard on Chrissy about the blush, I think she was just trying to out-pink the dress ;) And as for the last two...just fuggity fug FUG.


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