27 February 2007


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my latest additions to the w.o.w , this ceramic 'Sid Dickens' called Reflection, a Xmas gift from big sis and a lady drinking tea that i found in a antique shop..
The title of my blog post today actually stands for 'wall of women'. I started a collection of pictures, of women, in my pink bedroom in the city about 5 years ago, and have accumulated a nice little collection. I love the antique gold and brown frames and i had fun arranging them in a offset manner....most of them are of women of the Victorian age, for instance, one is of a lady standing by a fireplace and looking forlornly into the fire and holding a letter, perhaps maybe a dear john letter she is about to post or a telegram stating someone has passed away, she looks rather upset.... there is also one of myself from 20 years ago, when i modeled for a hair salon and they took photos of me dressed in a 20's period gown with strings of pearls and white gloves....that was an interesting experience, i did a bit of modeling in my 20's and some fashion shows.... it is pretty glam but they put alot of makeup on and i almost look like a geisha!
That shot makes it look like I'm lounging on a pillow but my hip is actually resting on a cement floor - ouch!
The two smallest photos are of my mother with school friends and her wedding photo with my dad...also there is a Botticelli print, and the Mona Lisa in a lovely oval Italian frame... i have more in a box (in storage) although since i now share my bedroom with Steve, i don't want to overwhelm him with my w.o.w. and he didn't put up a fuss when i put them up.... i mean, they are very girly!
hey sis, can you find your picture in one of these photos?


leslie said...

beautiful! the photo of you is stunning.

n said...

I've always loved that picture of you Pat. And all the others are very romantic, I love those too!

C said...

Now I know what a good Christmas present would be.
Don't be modest P, you modeled in your 30's too!

C said...

Hey ANTM is starting up again tonight! YEAH!

C said...

Speaking of modeling, do you still watch America's Next Top Model?

We should pick from tonight's show who we think will win.

c said...

ahhh, yes, P, I do believe I see a photo from my wedding.

tatjana said...

I love your wall! That's a really good idea. The one your sister gave you is especially beautiful.

Vanessa said...

Oh My!!!! Your collection! My favorite is of you!! WOW. How exciting!!!I am so glad the hubby let you put them up.. They are not tto girly.. Plus, men love women, so why not???? Wonderful like you!!

Rebecca Grantham said...

Hii Happened to stumble across your blog, I love this wall, it's inspiring.

I love your bubbleshare slideshow and am gonna drop you an email.
All the best,

saffron said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Gibson style Girl drinking the tea! They're all lovely.
I've also got a fairly large collection of women, and have always had in my mind to put them together. One day!
Your blog is so fabulous!

Tricia said...

thanks saffron!
Oh, that's a Gibson Girl?


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