28 August 2006

Meet my kooky kats

<Precious Eddie snuggling with the phone.

<Archie checking out the birdies

<Sleeping beauties

I've had my grey cat Eddie for about 13 years now and my 'lil' baby Archie for almost 4 years. Eddie is the most laid back, easy going, sweet natured kitty I have ever known, whereas redheaded Archie is the rebel without a cause, aside from being a bully (must be the red hair) to the much bigger peace-loving Eddie. I just adore them to bits and hate to be away from them for any length of time. They are my kids, my boys. I can't imagine life without them really. I have always been a cat person but in the last few years I have grown more fond of dogs and especially love those little weiner dogs - daschunds. I am thinking of getting one maybe next year, when I move in with my fiance. Since he has a nice, spacious house and I only have a teeny tiny apartment, I have to wait til I am in the house before I get one. I fancy getting a girl dog and naming her Coco after Ms. Chanel, of course and dressing her up in cute collars and stylish doggy clothes - perhaps a cute little black tee shirt with a rhinestone skull. Skulls are very big in fashion now, I got myself the cutest silver necklace with a skull and keys at Aldo for only $15 bucks. I think that is my only accessory with a skull that I own, although I have my eye on a pair of Gap jeans with a black skull stencilling. But I digress. Yes, those cute little munchkins are my true joy in life. Whether Eddie is massaging (kneading) my stomach or neck (if I lying down) or simply lounging in my lap or Archie greets me each morning in the bathroom chirpping and sqeaking (he sounds more like a bird or a mouse than a cat) I find a house is not a home without a cat.

27 August 2006

In the pink!

How I love the color pink! It's rosy glow inspires me, soothes me and cheers me instantly. I love it so much I painted my boudoir pink - the paint chip was called, get this, 'pure allure'. I love the movie 'Pretty in Pink' - Andie's bedroom is pink too, as is alot of her outfits including her prom dress - a very funky little number. I just adore Ducky and Iona too - they really crack me up! I love the line by Iona 'Oh, why can't we start off old and get younger!' I'm in love with the color green also - emerald green, chartruese green, seaglass green. Steve and I painted the bedroom green - a soft and spa like, and the bedroom - a light, lime inspired green. It is so calming and fresh.
Tell me what color inspires you. ( I've just fixed my comments link so it should work now)

03 August 2006

I'm so busy right now - it's a crazy time for me cos I'm trying to design fall bags and I'm feeling pressured to get my samples finished to show to stores. This is the time (and in July) that stores buy their fall merch so if I don't hurry up I'm gonna be too late to sell.
I'm soon to have my bags featured on Snazzygirl. Here is the addy for those interested - www.snazzygirl.com. I'm kinda excited about it - my first time in the online shopping arena - wish me luck. I may also be joining one or two more in the future - we'll see. Oh, in other handbag news, I'm finally going to get Paypal for my website (about time!) I should have that available in a few weeks - waiting on the paperwork. I've also in a new store on Queen St. W. called 'Itsmade', a wonderful store that features alot of Canadian talent - I was very impressed with the selection there and wish I could buy everything!
Well, this is the first day of relief from that ridiculous humidity - I must have sweated away a few pounds in the last 3 days. I had to ditch my apt. and all my work to go to my sweetie's house in Whitby to escape the heat.
I could not work in that awful humidity - my apt. was literally a sauna. So I'm heading back to Toronto today to get back to work on the bags, have to finish those samples. My cats shall stay in Whitby with Steve awhile longer in case of another heatwave in the near future - they're pretty comfy at the new house with the air con and loads of space to roam around. I do miss them when I'm away from them - I hate not being with them but I must focus on the 'bags' for the next week or so. Well off to TO I go, hope the humidity stays at bay awhile longer.
This is my fiances house in Whitby


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