12 December 2006

Terrible Tuesday

Ouch Baby! Very OUCH!!

I had a terrible morning, I dropped a burning hot tart pan on my forearm, burning myself quite nastily, as you can see from the photo. Of course, I reacted to this by dropping said pan, and destroying the chocolate shortbread. ARGHH! I was in so much pain, man it was intense. I sat at the bathroom sink for nearly a half hour soaking my forearm in cold water, then applied petroleum jelly and wrapping in bandage. Luckily, the pain has now subsided alot, although there is some blistering, but I am REALLY pissed about my cookies. I will attempt again tonight this time being ever so cautious with the pan.
On a lighter note, we got our tree on Sunday, finding a perfect Balsam Fir and have got the lights on it, and hope to decorate it tonight and listen to Charlie Brown christmas soundtrack, turn on the gas fireplace, and have some hot cocoa. Theres nothing like the smell of a fresh real tree in your house, and cookies baking in the oven, so very nice indeed!


n said...

Oh me gosh Pat. Are you okay? I understand why you're "pissed!". When I first saw your arm picture, I thought they were cat scratches (as I've had many of those) but as I read on, I knew what happened. That is extremely frustrating. Have your relaxing night with S now, hopefully those burns will heal in no time.
p.s. nice looking tree!

Tricia said...

I am feeling better now, thanks Nat and yes it is very frustrating!!

Anonymous said...

Owwww, (ya me too), I thought they were cat scrathes. Ouch, looks very painful, I've done that a few times being accident prone in the past, not a fun experience, hope it's feeling better today.
Unfortunate too about the cookies.
Did you make more?


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