18 December 2006

Hectic Season

St. Lawrence Mk. Front St. Toronto

Front St. Toronto CN tower on left (click on photo to enhance)

Christmas is in one week people! Nooooo! Not ready yet?!, Have'nt made all the cookies, or finished shopping, or made Eddie's stocking, still need to mail 4 cards, wrap presents, then plan for Christmas dinner. How could I let this happen?
Okay, I'm not going to beat myself up about it, I'll just pace myself and try to get some things done. I know I can't do everything. So busy trying to clean and organize a very messy house in preparation for guests this weekend. Dinner party on Saturday. It's overwhelming, so I'm just going to say to heck with it, and just go with the flow now. If if it does'nt get done, tough! Christmas won't be ruined if I don't get that stocking made or I don't finish my beaded napking rings or if I only have 2 kinds of cookies, instead of 5 kinds. Why should we work ourselves into a anxious frenzy and be too stressed to enjoy the season. We need to give ourselves a break. We need copious amounts of dark chocolate and a few glasses of good cheer (I'm talkin booze, friends). So put on some Bing Crosby Christmas tunes or a Christmas movie, and put your feet up.
Enjoy your holiday and enjoy your families and friends and RELAX!
(This blog entry was mainly a message to myself to relieve me of tremendous anxiety about the holidays. Hope it helps you too, if you're feeling the same.)


n said...

Hi P! Okay, that really helped me too! You are hilarious! How's the arm?

Tricia said...

Oh, the arm is getting better, but it's itchy now. Weird. I have been applying lots of ointment and trying not to itch. It's still sensitive though. I did make another batch of cookies that night.
Glad my message was helpful and hilarious Nat!


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