11 December 2006

Saturday Shopping

Swararski crystal tree, Eaton Centre, last year

So shopping was fun, but poor Steve was miserable. He hates to shop, and complained too much, so next time I shop alone. I hit 4 or so nice shops on Queens St. W, independent of course, and had a lovely time picking out items, which I wish I could show here, but then certain people would see what they are getting, so alas, I cannot.
In between shopping, stopped at a cafe for a delicious gingerbread latte and maple walnut tart, to fuel myself for the rest of my shopping day. I had such a nice time talking to shop owners and petting doggies in the street and seeing beautiful soaps, toys, decorations, and lots of other neat stuff. My poor wallet was empty by the end of the day but my heart was full from the joys of the day and the spirit of the Christmas season.

1 comment:

n said...

Now that was beautiful, just beautiful writing Pat!
I really love the way you get into the Christmas mood! Lovely!


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