22 December 2006

It's NOT looking a little bit like Christmas!

my antique tray from Goodwill, all cleaned up

our tree
my beaded napkin rings

Rain today! Yuk! Drat! Ick!
I want some snow in southern ontario, now, please!!
I wish they could send all the excess snow from Colarado here so we can have a white Christmas. (I do hope all the Christmas travellers make it to their destinations.)
We had to go to the dreaded mall yesterday to snag a few more gifts. Unfortunately Whitby does'nt have much in the way of small cute shops like Toronto does. So we found parking, 2 miles from the mall it seemed, and went in like brave soldiers to join the swarm of people in a mall that never ends, trying to find the music store, Old Navy and a few others. Man, what chaos.
It's no fun trying to weave your way through a sea of people who don't really look where they're going. GRR!
It's not enjoyable to line up with 8 people already ahead of you, each holding 3-4 items, and then have the check out clerk ask for a price check. ARG!
It's certainly not entertaining to have to search for your car for 15 minutes, then line up for another 15 minutes just to exit the mall parking lot. AHH!
My sister was smart. She used her head and bought everything online, and had everything waiting on her doorstop. Stress-free, hassle-free, and easy peasy.
I've learned my lesson, and how! Next year will be the beginning of a new shopping tradition. Thanks sis!
This will likely be my last blog until the 27th or so.
I wish everyone the merriest, happiest Christmas!

the decoration at the park near us


n said...

Going through the same thing P! Even the grocery store is out of control with people! Yes, C is extremely smart, that's for sure! We wish you a very merry Christmas and looking forward to seeing you very soon!

Anonymous said...

Well what can I say, heh heh heh
Extremely smart, moi? Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!
Next year you guys should give it a go, make it a store/mall free Christmas, it really helps with de-stressing over the holidays.

Everybody have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS........and a Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Oh ya, NICE tree P!


Tricia said...

Your tree looked very nice also C.
Wish ya were here or we were there for the holidays. Maybe next year..
Merry merry Christmas to you and Bobby and lil C!


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