24 December 2006

God bless us everyone

This santa is very old and has been hung on the Roberts Christmas tree for many years

I do hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and lots of good food, nice presents and holiday cheer. I'm going to make gluuheim tonight - a german mulled spice wine and we'll have a nice selection of cheeses and dips. It will just be Steve and me for Christmas eve, since our guests won't be arriving until Christmas Day.
Looking forward to watching The Christmas Story - the boy who wants the Red Rider bb gun, and my favorite movie A Christmas Carol with Alistar Sim.


Anonymous said...

That Santa is a fond memory of our childhood at Christmas time.


Tricia said...

I fixed Santa last year - his coat was stained so I bleached it and sewed his pants cos one of the boot kept falling off.
I know you would probably like a few of the old ornaments for your own tree someday- you could pick out a couple the next time you're here at Christmas.


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