27 December 2006

Happy Holidays

vintage card

mixing the dough for fruitcake hermit cookies

ready for the oven

the finished product ready to eat!

our festive diningroom window
Yes, it was happy indeed at our house. We made merry, we ate much, and shared gifts. I managed to make 4 kinds of cookies-gingerbread, brandy molasses roll ups, fruitcake hermits and chocolate shortbread(almost recovered from the accident) and made my napkin rings, sewed up the placemats although I did'nt finish Eddies' stocking or make my chocolate cherry morsels. Maybe I'll make them in a few days or try a new recipe so I can use my new shiny red beautiful Kitchen Aid processor. That was my best present this Christmas, and I thank Steve for indulging me so. I also received the flatiron for my bad hair days, about 6 books on cooking, fabric, interior design and the new Audrey Hepburn book (thanks Joe!). Santa was good to me as always and I loved all my gifts. I am also thankful for the company of family and even though not everyone could make it this year, it was very pleasant being surrounded by loved ones and seeing how much everyone enjoyed the holiday.


Anonymous said...

Yummy those cookies look real good!
Glad you all had such a nice Christmas there!

Here's to the New Year!


Tricia said...

Thank you C! They are quite good.


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