28 October 2006

Spooky photos

This is very cool. I'm going to look for some cobweb stuff today at the craft store or at Walmart and I maybe invest in a outdoor spotlight. This is very creepy looking, and I love the window decorating below where they used green light bulbs against each window and used taped cutouts of Halloween themes. I'll look for green lightbulbs and buy some black poster board to made the cutout silhouettes.

Look at all these cute wee pumpkins against a tombstone.
Can't wait for Hallowe'en. Only 3 more days.


Anonymous said...

The 2nd photo is simply spooky!
Any luck with yours yet?


Tricia said...

We just put two silohettes of a skeleton and a scary witch in our 2nd story windows with green lightbulbs. Looks pretty spooky. It was so windy today, that I could'nt do much, but will do more for Devils' night. We also bought a scary sounds CD and will put a speaker near the door.

n said...

wow! that sounds great! The children in your neighbourhood will love that! Do you think you will have many kids come over? We are expecting 200, yikes!! I hope I have enough candy!

Tricia said...

Yeah, I hope the kiddies around here get a kick out of our house. I have no idea how many will show, since it's our first Halloween here. I'm hoping it's not more than 75, cos that's how many treats are left. 200 kids, Wow, you better buy more!

Anonymous said...

I carved one of our 4 pumkins last night, looks good and roasted the pumpkin seeds, yum!

We are buying Reese Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kat, Hersey bars and tootsie rolls, and we only get about 5 or 6 kids! You know what that means....................!
I get all the rest! Hee hee hee!




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