27 October 2006

Fashion Friday

Here are my latest finds, again from the very finest store windows in Toronto's Yorkville. The Max Mara window was very inspiring with the beige and brown clothing and accessories accented with Frenchs' mustard. I also adore the little blazer with the funky belt.

These photos of handbags were from my NYC trip this past summer. I love the bag with the buttons and the other bag was just so crazy and different. The summery dresses make me long for the warmth of summer again. It is tres chilly today in southern Ontario. Brrrrrr!

Steve is wearing his Mill St. Brewery navy tee with Frenchs' mustard accents and a toasty plaid scarf that perfectly compliments the shirt and his eyes.


n said...

Hi P,
very nice and makes me want to go shopping badly! It sure is getting chilly but the good news is that it should warm up to 12 degrees next week (if the weatherman is correct).

leslie said...

sweet! i love the pics of the storefront windows, makes me feel at least a little bit in touch with what's happening fashion-wise in canada, keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Love the brown jacket and the colorful dresses and handbag (sooo pretty)!

Boo hoo, I would love to shop in those stores again!



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