29 October 2006

2 days left

Jack o'Lanterns, made from balloons and tissue paper, ghouls also made using balloons, glow sticks and cheesecloth.

Spooky displays with very imaginative, creative ideas. Great Jack o'lanterns!

Yummy caramel apples with nuts, these are definetely hard to resist. I may have to make some.
Now, this has to be the creepiest, most evil-looking JoL ever! I read in the paper today, that some house displays are becoming quite elaborate, one house in Toronto, where the owners spent $15,000. They are having traffic jams on that street with lots of people wanting to go take a look. I spent $9.56 on stuff marked down at Zellers. But I am using a few things from around the house.
Well, I'm off to work on our porch. I will take photos when finished.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I have to make carmel apple every year, my fav!
Maybe tonight or tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Oopps, I meant... carmel apples.

victoria winters said...

How did you make the pumpkins in the first picture??

Tricia said...

C, what recipe are you using for the caramel apples?
vw, I found the jack o lantern balloons on MarthaStewart.com.

Anonymous said...

The wraps you get at the grocery store!


Anonymous said...



leslie said...

mmmmm, caramel!!! those apples look so tasty.


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