16 October 2006

funny stuff

Me, being bratty at the cafe. Archie's big mouth.

I spotted this lady....ahem, the other week walking around town.
click on photo to enhance.

At the Toronto Marathon this past weekend I saw SBSP, who was high fiv'en all the runners. This marathon participant tries to warm up after his run.

Poor Archie is trying to snuggle with a grouchy-looking Steve.

Eddie is snugglin with one of those South Park characters. Awwwww!

Steve being all goofy and cute after a couple of glasses of vino, of course.
what photo do you like best?


Anonymous said...

That woman with the yellow skirt, maybe her husband should say something to her about her .......posture?

(oh man, ya, you really get the full effect when you look closer, one word.......unreal!


victoria winters said...

Oh dear God. That woman's outfit is beyond disgusting!

n said...

Eeek is the only word I could find to describe her outfit! The others are cute!

Anonymous said...

She needs to be on "What NOT to Wear!"
(Poor lady maybe she just has no clue, but maybe she thinks that looks good?) Yikes!



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