15 October 2006

the color blue

blue is just a marvelous color. here are some of my favorite blues.

The blue in these flowers are so intense, although some may see these as purpley blue.
It's the color of our livingroom, a nice deep robins egg blue. This photo with Eddie (looking a little grumpy) is cool, because his eyes sort of match the wall.

My blue willow tea cups are one of my favorite patterns for china. There is a story to blue willow china about how two lovers are transformed into birds, doves i think, so if you ever come across a blue willow teacup or plate look for the two doves.
This old phone is a nice soft robins' egg blue.

This ancient greek tile that we saw at the Brookyln Museum this past summer is one of the most brilliant blues I have ever seen, a rich turqouise that amazed me, and this jug is such a deep indigo blue, so breathtaking.

I love the blue in this painting.
and finally, who can resist a pair of blue eyes.
tell me about your favorite blue.


Anonymous said...


My fav blues are my B and little C's eyes!


(and the sky today it's as blue as blue can be!)

Tricia said...

Hi C,
I too love sky blue and ocean blue.
C and B's eyes are a lovely steel/grey blue, if i'm not mistaken. And Steve's eys are blue too.

Anonymous said...

hi again,

blue is one of the nicest colors in the color spectrum, along with greens!



victoria winters said...

Huz's eyes. The ocean. Colorado skies.My new sweater.

n said...

Okay guys! My husband and childrens' eyes aren't blue, so I'll have to say that I really like blue too because it's my 5 year old son's favourite colour ... and it is a beautiful colour indeed!

Anonymous said...

It's a mostly blue planet too!



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