13 October 2006

Autumn displays

Autumn is my favorite time of year for alot of reasons. I love walking around neighbourhoods of grand old houses watching the leaves gently float to the ground, and then the crunching sound they make under my foot. I wish people were'nt so particular about raking them away too soon. I especially love those really windy days, where whirlwinds of orange and red leaves swirl through the air, or really sunny days, the way the sunlight can make a maple tree look like a work of art. I remember as a child, piling leaves into a great mountain next to the porch and then taking turns with my brothers and sisters, joyfully jumping into the centre of the pile. What fun! I even have a photo of me as a baby sitting in a pile of maple leaves, I think that's when my affection must have begun.
It's almost midmonth now, and fall is in it's glory, and it will all be over much too soon. I want this moment to last longer like winter does. It would be so nice if it was reversed and we had a short winter and a long fall. How I wish......


victoria winters said...

:) I love autumn too.

n said...

Couldn't agree with you more! How this picture reminds me of you and C and I walking in TO enjoying the fall beauty!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is a wonderful time, it is a perfect fall weekend here.

(You said it N, doesn't it seem like yesterday)!


Anonymous said...

Also, yes it was fun jumping in the leaves way back when, nowadays there are so many bugs I'm scared to go in the leaves

But it was fun when we were kiddies!



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