17 October 2006


In an ugly world, the only true protest is 'Beauty'.

I saw this quote written on a milk crate on somebody's bicycle the other day.

I walked by, then stopped to read it and it really spoke to me about the world today.

There is alot of ugliness in the world with war, poverty, disease and so on, but we have to find 'beauty' in order to feel good. If we let ourselves dwell too long on things that are scary or make us fearful, then we can lose focus on the good. It's all about the Ying Yang, I suppose. The good with the bad. There will always be terrible stuff in the world, always has been. It's up to us to seek out and live for the 'beauty' in life, and there is plenty of it for us to behold.


n said...

That is beautiful P! What a nice thing to read first thing in the morning. Thanks!

Tricia said...

You're very welcome n, and did you notice in the last photo that 'Godiva' chocolate shop is in the background. Another thing of beauty... chocolate!

n said...

No, I hadn't noticed the Godiva chocolate shop in the background. I must've been half asleep still. I have to agree with you, chocolate is one good thing in life!

Anonymous said...


I saw it!
hee hee
(Chocolate radar is always on!)
Yes, rules to live by!
There are lots and lots of wonderful things in world.


Anonymous said...

Does everyone have their halloween candy?

Tricia said...

yes C, I know your chocolate radar is always on. I have some hallowe'en candy so far - Miss Vicky's chips and Nestle chocolate bars. We've already gotten into the chips so we have to buy more.


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