03 December 2009

Etsy Beagle Team 'Happy Howliday' Challenge

The ladies of the Etsy Beagle Team, myself included, have about 4 -6 Challenges every year, where we all design an item for a specific theme. This Christmas we submitted our entries for 'Happy Howlidays'. If you want to check it out and enter our contest to win a fabulous bracelet go visit and vote for your favorite item!

It's fun and you get a chance to win a great Etsy item! One of these bracelets by Etsy team member beaglebeads!

So hurry and go over now, contest ends this Saturday, December 5th!

1 comment:

MsAnomaly said...

Thanks for passing along the info. about the Beagles team challenge/blog giveaway! We'd love to see more entries for the contest. Flash is looking forward to choosing the winner again! :0)


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