28 November 2009

Beagle in a Winter Wonderland

My latest bag which is actually a pouch/case...great for holding your stuff in your purse like cosmetics or pencils and pens or anything else.

I was inspired by 'Charlie Brown Christmas' for the trees, and Lulu of course, for the dog. I used sequins and lace for snow, and buttons for tree ornaments. It is in my shop and I am also having a 'Holiday Sale'. My other shop 'talkofthetown' has a free shipping sale too.

I'll leave you with a funny Lulu photo. Those beagles...comical dogs!


missbmckay said...

So precious! I love the bag. Lulu looks like a lovey beagle I used to know. Awww.

"Ice Pony Girl" said...

Love LuLu! The bag is very nice. Beagles ROCK!

Anonymous said...

cute dog pouch/case



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