17 November 2008

november daze

These pretty posies are just what I needed to perk up the dark days of November. This month and December are so dark indeed, we need all the help we can get to get through this depressing grey, sunless time. I've been feeling a bit tired and uninspired lately, so when I saw these delightful gerber daisies at the store I knew they were just what I needed.

In case you were wondering about my grey man, Eddie is doing quite well as of late. He doesn't appear to be a dying cat at all now. The meds are really helping. He has turned into Super Kitty thanks to those little white pills I put in his wet food every morning. Maybe I should be taking a few myself. He gets these strange bursts of energy and zooms through the house at top speed and then attacks the doorframe....yes, strange for a dying kitty.

I've been taking advantage of every bit of sun we get, just like Eddie does. Sometimes it is very fleeting though, so I am excited every time we get a few rays. It has been quite cold these past few days, and we've had to bring out the 'january coats'. I've been pulling out my mitts and scarves and hats too. Ugh. I'm not ready for cold weather. We had a few flurries yesterday, and as pretty as they looked, I was afraid to go outside.

I made Lulu a new collar with an old belt that I cut to size and added holes with my leather hole maker, then glued on these pink and plum buttons. I think she likes her new collar.

I think I need to go look at my flowers again and snuggle with my Lulu.

1 comment:

nathalie said...

Hi Pat,

Yes, it is cold indeed! The collar you made is sweet, you are so creative. Love the daisies!
Keep warm.


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