22 November 2008

First snowfall!!

Around mid week we woke up to this!
What a wonderful change from the dark days we've had recently. It's so bright and clean out now!
Lulu is loving the snow we had, she just loves playing in the snow!

Our newel post looked like a person with a funky snow hat and a fur coat! I should have drawn a face on it.
The park is so beautiful with the shadows and evergreens coated in snow.
Like this one! So Christmasy! I'm certainly feeling the Christmas vibe now! I'm going to write and send out my cards next week.

This tree with it's pretty berries with caps of snow look so unusual!

My neighbour's alligator (0r croc?) is enjoying the first snow too!

I love the way the sun room looks with the snow but the tree with autumn leaves looks odd.

My basil, thyme and parsley is now finished! I guess I should start some indoors. I sure miss cooking with my herbs.

These pots on the deck look like baked Alaska.

We got Lulu a new pull toy and she and Steve are battling it out!

He only does this when the toy is new, and free of dog saliva...ha ha! After a few months this braided toy will look like doll hair! She sure loves to play tug with her Papa!

1 comment:

Kate said...

Such great pictures! We just had our first snow too though it was only a little bit. I love the snow on the berries -- you must get lots of birds this time of year.

I took the kitten out for his first snow...and took pictures. Some random cat pictures too.

Steve doing the dog toy thing is hysterical. I do the same thing!


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