05 August 2008

rooms with a view...

So I found this stained glass panel on craigslist and Steve and I went to check it out and loved it, and we found that is fit perfectly in the window at the bottom of the stairs. I really love the simplicity of it and the green and blue flower/leaf motif.

Is it a flower or is it a leaf??? hmmmm...

You decide! The couple we bought it from didn't know how old it is but it looks like it could be old.

My view from the kitchen sink is getting a wee bit crowded. (Click on photo to see details) This is Miss Penelope and her house. She has a cat from Mexico (nameless, like in Breakfast at Tiffany's) and a giant wind-up pig, also nameless, chickens, a rooster, ducks and a bunny....all nameless thus far. I think I'll have to move the pot over and look for a miniature barn for all the animals, and maybe a boyfriend for Miss P.

I have a cute view while I'm washing the dishes. Penelope tells me if I missed a spot. She can be quite bossy sometimes but I don't really mind!

Okay....I have a question to ask of you. You might have noticed in the margins of my blog, that I am a sunflower. Well, I would love to know what kind of flower YOU are. All you have to do is click on that link and fill out the quiz to find out. It was quite fun doing it I think! I love being a sunflower...they happen to be one of my fave flowers too. Oh, and please tell me in the comment section of this blog post!

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