31 July 2008

sick pooch

Our Lulu is still ill. We have been to 2 different vets, had tests and x-rays, and still no diagnosis.
This is really getting frustrating trying to figure out what is wrong with her. She still will not drink from her bowl, or eat her kibble. I have to still give her fluids with a turkey baster but she has started eating wet food, especially Tripe which is good for her tummy, if that is what ails her. She was weighed again this week and has lost a total of 3 lbs in about a week's time.

She is worrying her mama and papa very much! We want our little girl to feel all better again. It just hurts me so much to see her lie on the sofa all day! She gets little spurts of energy maybe once a day for a very short time...then lies down again. She can't even jump up on our bed anymore, we've been carrying her around a lot. I hope she can return to her old self again soon. We may be taking her for more tests soon..very expensive tests....that cost close to $1,000. We've spent about $750.00 already at the vets. I wish Lulu could talk and tell us how she feels, although maybe even she doesn't have a clue! Hope we have good news to tell you real soon. Thanks to those people who are rootin' for Lulu Belle.

( in happier times wearing Steve's underwear)


Shea said...

I hope your dog gets well

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Poor sweetie!!! Please let me know when she`s okay!



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