08 April 2008

More pillow talk!

I just made some more lavender mini pillows. I have featured my other pillows previously, the one with the owl motif, and I just created these other ones which are now up in my shop.

I've only sold one to date, but I'm hoping this new venture will be successful someday soon. They are easy to make and I love working with the lavender, my studio smells so wonderful! They are stuffed with polyfil and just enough lavender to lightly scent the pillow, about 1/4 cup of french lavender buds.

I love this fabric, which is a woodland animal scene..it's a nice linen/cotton fabric that I picked up at the Textile Museum sale, that happens every spring.
I hope to go again this year and pick up some more goodies, and take pictures to show you the madness! I posted about it here last year.

This pillow is larger, sans lavender, but I just love the folkloric bird pattern and the purpley blue, green and cream colors. Looks so pretty on my bed. Pillows are definetely my favorite thing to make at the moment.

Speaking of pillow talk, Doris Day, who made the movie by the same name, just recently celebrated her 84th birthday. Yes, I am a fan of Miss Doris, even read several of her biographies. She is quite the lady, so beautiful and I find her voice, not just her singing voice, to be quite lovely. I also love her chic sense of style in her movies. Her fashions figure prominently in her films, and she always sported a cute little blond dutch bob with bangs! After her films, she had two talk shows that were quite sucessful for her, and she was also a big animal lover, especially of dogs, and even has a 'dog-friendly' hotel in California. I also get such a kick out of watching her movies and have been a devoted fan for some time now.

These are some of my favorite Doris Day movies:

Please Don't Eat the Daisies - Doris teams up with David Niven, some rambuctious rug rats and a sheep dog to play a wife of a theatre critic. They move from crowded Manhattan apartment to the burbs and find a dusty old house to renovate and make their own.

The Glass Bottom Boat - Doris plays a NASA tour guide and single woman, who gets mixed up with espionage by accident. The results are a hilarious caper and the movie also stars Rod Taylor.

With Six You Get Eggroll - Doris and Brian Keith are a couple of widowers who meet and marry, joining their two broods. Fun stuff here with the kids' hostility to their new found home.

Send me no Flowers - Doris plays a housewife who suspects her husband, Rock Hudson of having an affair but actually he's a hypocondriac who believes he is dying and he is trying to find a new husband for his wife. Tony Randall co-stars. This movie is Doris and Rocks' third and final film together.

Lover Come Back - Day and Rock team up again to play duelling ad execs who vie for the same accounts. Hilarity results from their rivalry, while Rocks' boss, Tony Randall tries to figure out what the heck is going on!

and of course, my favorite.......Pillow Talk!
Footloose bachelor...beautiful career girl...and the world's most fascinating pastime!


ThePeachTree said...

I love love love the rabbit and red bird pillow!! Just gorgeous :) And thank you so much for linking to our blog!!

Anonymous said...

don't forget
move over darling
with james garner
another great dday film

pillow talk is definately one of my favs

nice pillows


Tricia said...

yes Carol, I love that one too! Hey and that movie was made in 1963, my year!

thanks for taking time to comment!

and to The Peach Tree:
Your so welcome and thanks for the compliment on my pillow!


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