28 March 2008

Spring has come...

........the flowers have ris,
I wonder where the birdies is?

Well, the birdies and the flowers are slow gettin' here, although we are in the last week of March, so I was expecting a bit of spring to show up by now!

I'm feeling so impatient waiting for signs of spring! The only things I've seen to remind me are the articles about maple syrup in the newspaper, all the tulips and daffs at the grocery stores and in my neighbours' yard, their forsthia bush has buds on it.

I stole a few cuttings from them (I don't think they care) and I put them in a vase of water to force them to bloom. Hopefully soon they will spring forth a pretty yellow petite flower. Can't wait to see all the flowers blooming in front yards of the houses I walk by everyday while taking Lulul for a stroll. C'mon SPRING!!! SPRUNG already!!!! I'm tapping my foot impatiently now!

On a walk today I found signs of winter still, like this polar bear:

but Lulu and I did actually find a few signs of spring...

potholes! Lots of potholes!!

and this robin probably scouting out a place to build a nest.

This house has it's very own palm tree, a sure sign of summer! Fake but funky!

We're eating more pears lately, which appear (a pear) to fit ever so perfectly in my pear bowl with the chip in it. I'm trying to eat more fruit now, and less cookies and yummy pastries since my trip where I gorged on breads and desserts at the resort. I was very displeased to find out I can't wear my favorite jeans cos I gained some weight from the trip. I'm trying to cut down on chips too. I will try to walk Lulu more too! Maybe I'll be able to fit into them again next month! No Cupcakes either! Wahhh!

Steve bought me these pretty daffs to keep me happy until the ones outside start to show!

And speaking of extra weight, Archie is really packing on the pounds. It's my own fault, since I think I've been giving him too much kibble, plus I let him drink my cereal milk almost every morning and the occassional tuna or chicken tidbit. He and Eddie are real moochers! Archie needs to lose weight! Do they sell Kitty treadmills? hmmmm. .....maybe Kitty aerobic dvds? Well, I better start measuring his food instead of just dumping his kibble in his bowl. At least he doesn't have to try to fit his booty into designer jeans!


nathalie said...

Hee hee hee! I love the booty comment Pat!
I'm wanting spring to come too. Tomorrow and Tuesday should be above 10c but very rainy! That's a sign on spring!
p.s. lovely flowers!

Anonymous said...

Your cat looks just like mine! I am waiting for spring too but there's still too much snow on the ground to have hope... I think we might jump from winter to summer this year!

A Fanciful twist said...

I LOOOOVE your home!!! And, Miss T!!! I looooove how yourblog looks!!! it is perfection!!! I am not ready to take down my snowflakes from you yet :))) xoxoxo

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Hi Tricia!

Love your pictures :)
The snow is finally melting here...finally! No real signs of spring except for the sunshine and rain.


Sandra Evertson said...

Lulu and Archie are adorable!
Lovely photos too!
Sandra Evertson

FrumsGlass said...

I love all the stuff your artfully photograph and the things in your home. I want just love the bird cage mirror.


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