02 November 2007

more Halloween photos!

While walking lulu we came upon a discarded trick or treating bag....alas, there was no candy inside!

this witchie poo made a crash landing on somebody's lawn....

as did this poor Witch!

this is the porch of one of my fave houses...i love the corrugated steel pumpkin!

this jack o lantern is unusal!

this is our ghost in front of our house on Halloween night in front of the bloody grave...i love the blue sky!

someone was trying to steal our mail so i chopped off their arm!! haha!

our neighbour across the street...

i love this campy shot!

i made carmel apples....Steve took a bite and spit in out in the sink....he hates stuff stuck to his teeth. I cut mine up to eat, so much easier to eat it!

i always roast all my jack o lanterns seeds! i add sea salt, olive oil and a bit of cayenne pepper to kick it up a notch! BAM!

the silhouettes in the second floor windows were a nice touch!

Steve doing an impression with my wig....he says he was doing some musician from Deep Purple.

Lulu Belle didn't like wearing her witch hat with orange wig...she wanted to play with it...i was lucky to get a picture though!

i loved the green fake eyelashes...it was quite fun dressing as Morticia...or Mor-tricia!
i think i will dress up as Cher next year...so i can still wear the wig. (boy was it ever hot to wear though!)


nathalie said...

That picture of Steve is too funny! He does look like a rock star! Love all the pictures!

leslie said...

wow, your halloween looks like so much fun!! and the festive treats are making me drool...

Felicia said...

Looks like you had one fun Halloween!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

What fantastic pictures! Really great Halloween atmosphere. Steve and the dog are funny LOL



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