07 November 2007

creature comforts

Lulu Belle and Archie do the stare down....


If my cats could speak i'm sure this is what they'd say!!!

They are not happy about being stuck upstairs since Lulu Belle came into our lives but i'm trying to get them to come downstairs for a bit at a time.....especially when LB is crashing on the sofa. They will come down occasionally on their own but she will still chase them, cos they run when she sees them...oh boy! I guess we need to really learn 'Stay'!!

Poor Archie and Eddie!

I'm enjoying my orange themed diningroom vinette, the gourd, pie pumpkin, flowers and placemats, i do enjoy my orange diningroom wall too.

I just got these cookie cutters and plan to make ginger molasses cookies soon...i just love all the shapes of an acorn, leaves and apple! I need cookies every day to stay happy!

We got these old books recently and they look quite nice on the mantel...i'm going to treat myself to a fire tonight with my latest book.

I loooooove these boots i saw in a window the other day although i was scared to go in and try them on in case i fell in love and couldn't afford them! They are from Germany, yah yah!

I recently got out my luggage from the closet, because i store my winter sweaters there and i unpacked them all for the season. Of course Eddie and Archie are convinced i'm going away and are sitting there as a protest!!!

Eddie's stare is saying 'Don't even think about leaving me'!

LB is not supposed to be on the chair but when Steve is gone i let her. The dog trainer suggested that she not sit on our furniture since she will think she is a human...oh brother! I don't really care about that! It just seems silly to me but Steve insists we must...if he only knew!!! (i hope he does'nt read this post or i'm in trouble..hee!)

Archie with his new toy, a catnip pineapple...he is more interested in admiring himself though!

How i wish i could join Archie for an afternoon snooze fest, but alas, there are too many things i need to accomplish every day! I love naps though...


leslie said...

aw, we let baxy on the couch from day one and he's turned out fine! you just have to be firm with what they are not allowed to do (which in baxy's case is eating tissues out of the trash or barking at the neighbours).

i love your quilted coverlet - sooooo nice!

nathalie said...

Dear Pat,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a wonderful girl!!!
thinking of you today and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tricia said...

Awww thanks Nat!!!!

Leslie: Lulu loves to steal tissues too and tries to eat them!

Sandra Evertson said...

The cats and puppy are so cute, don't worry they will eventually get along! My two finally did and now they actually nap together once in a while!
Sandra Evertson

A Fanciful Twist said...

OH No, these pet things are beyond me.. But I LOVE seeing them integrated into your life.. If only I wasn't so allergic. As for your Halloween phots, love both posts, and I have to say, I don't think you should wear that outfit only on halloween!!! It was so fun and fab, you should wear it several times a year and go out on the town!! My Gosh you loook gorgeous!!! Long black hair and long tblack dresses are soo you!!! I love it!!!!! You look so wonderful!!!! Love it all, your porch too!!! Oh swooooooon!!!xxooo

Felicia said...

Your four legged creatures are so adorable :)


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