15 October 2007

Tea & Clafouti with Nathalie!

I have to tell you about a special day i had this past Saturday. A good friend of mine, well, actually, i think of her more as my soul sister, we got to see each other for the whole day ( We don't live that close, and she is a busy mummy of two beautiful children and married lady too, so it is rare that we can do this girl's day out). We had the best est time ever (right Nat!), first having a splendid lunch and then i showed her my favorite shops in Toronto on Queen ST. W, which if you know, is the greatest area for shopping in this fine city. After our shopping we revived ourselves at a lovely french patisserie (BTW, Nathalie is French, oui, oui!!) and had hot drinks and pastry and rested before a bit more shopping at a jaw dropping wool store - a huge shop full of the most amazing wool (we both love to knit, myself a novice while Nat is far more experienced).
So i took lots of shots of our day, so hope you enjoy the show:

here i am on my way to Toronto on the train, about a 45 min. ride......i love the over-exposed photography (which blurred all my wrinkles).

the train ride is parallel to Lake Ontario, but the water views are only for a few minutes....breathtaking views, i must say!

Nathalie and I dined at Red Tea Box, a wonderful tearoom in the heart of Queen ST. W, a jaw-dropping cornucopia of the most delightful decor and tasty nibbles, the bento box contained delectable morsels of the most fantastic flavors - a party in the mouth!! Garlicky, mustard greens and root veggies, spinach and ricotta stuffed fried chicken, roasted tatties, a divine piece of fruit, i believe it was dragon fruit, that tasted like kiwi and was the prettiest pink and white with tiny black seeds.

There was also a fresh side salad of julienned fennel and carrot on spinach with a passionfruit dressing, some chewy french bread with roasted pepper/pumpkin spread, a crustini boat filled with goats cheese and sweet salsa, and with the white tea we sipped, some luscious, buttery and delicate shortbread cookies with lavender and rosemary. Ahhhhhhh! The most wonderful lunch i have ever had the pleasure of having, and that combined with sweet adorable Nathalie, (who BTW, i hope she doesn't mind me saying, is pregnant for the third time!!!!) Congrats Nat!!!!

comforting white cloud tea, with anti-oxidants....

Nat and i spotted these hilarious mugs!!! Ain't they a hoot!!!!

We both coveted this beautiful sweater, which Nat said was not that difficult to knit!! I would love to make something like this one day!

This store reminded me of my own Sweet Lulu at home, who i missed terribly that day!!


The window display at the Japanese paper place....

a great store for paper products, and my fave place for greeting cards.

check out the funky footwear on the person on the right in this toy/kids store called Polka dot kids.

i'm likin' the colors and energy in this painting, from a gallery.

love this lantern!!

Me and Nat in front of Clafouti, the french patisserie

the menu is on the chalkboard, how french!!

the lighting and decor at Clafouti is so fab!!

here Nathalie is showing off her air drumming skills....go Nat go!!!! Neal Peart has nuthin' on you girlfriend!

nothing like a latte, sipped from a beautiful blue bowl...

The name of the cafe is also the name of the above dessert, a custard tart with Bing cherries, just so scrumptious. Nat says that in France, the often make it without the crust.

The Tin Taj, is one of my favorite st shops on Queen W. The owner has an amazing and over-whelming amount of the funnest and cutest items i have ever seen......stuffed toys, decor items, tin toys, shabby chic items, etc. etc. and the shop is heavily guarded by Ogre, the french bulldog and two Siamese cats (oh how i wish i had taken pictures, next time i will be sure to)

The Tin Taj's Hallow e'en display, spooky fun!!!

So all in all, a fabulous day for Nat and me!! We had a great time chatting, eating, drinking and shopping!! I hope we can make this an annual fall event!


nathalie said...

Hi Pat,
What a nice post of our lovely day in TO together. I really wish we could do this more often. Everything was fabulous! Thanks again Pat and can't wait to see again.

saffron said...

Sounds like a lovely time! How fun to spend time with a special friend!

Ginger said...

Funny mugs, beautiful sweater!

KB said...

Great photo essay of a lovely day!

Steph said...

Looks like a lovely day!

Kelly said...

I'm intimate with that view from the train, since I'm on it every morning. Ok, I'm usually sleeping as we fly by the lake...

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Looks like you had a great day! And does that food ever look good :)
Love the pics of Archie and Lulu!


A Fanciful Twist said...

How wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a fab time!!! Oh and those two people in the window at Clafouti, behind you and Nat in the phot look like props!!! What an amazing day. I hope for the same day If I ever get to visit!! xxo

risa said...

i wish i could have gone with you! and yes, that looks like dragon fruit in your bento box. isn't it divine? it is beautiful!

nathalie said...

Oh Pat, I was in Whole Foods the other day and saw what a dragon fruit is. No wonder we only got a tiny little piece. The fruit cost $6.99 each!!!

suzi finer said...

We have a Clafouti here to (but I think it ends with an "s") on Sunset Plaza. Delish. Love your visuals...and I want to shop every place you shared!
Linking you up...

Anonymous said...

looks like you had so much fun!
i love the mugs :)

great pics!

cathy said...

I loved each and every picture. Looked like your day together was magical. It was so nice to see Nat again - you look as young and pretty as I remember. Motherhood agrees with you.

nathalie said...

Hi Pat,
How nice Cathy of what you wrote but if you saw me up close, you might not say the same, hee hee!
Hope everything is well with you!


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