07 October 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Canucks!

Archie loves to hang around outside whenever he gets the chance to escape from the sun room. I can't let him past the deck cos he will want to be an outdoors kitty and i can't let him since one of my cats got killed once (RIP my sweet Hermes in 1996).

Lulu loves her new doggie stuffie and lounging on the sofa with my pillows!

She is a couch potato half the time!! She is starting to emit that doggie smell that is not very, well, how should i put it....not very pretty so we bought this waterless bath dog spray. You just spritz your pooch and rub it in and it neutralizes any unpleasant odours on them...i also found a lavender scent for dogs so i spritz her when she gets 'doggy odour'. I read that hounds love to roll around in their feces (great) and so i wonder when I'm she's in the backyard and i forget to scoop. Lovely! I better make sure i scoop promptly!

Lulu was spayed a few weeks ago and you can see the stitches on her shaved tum tum:

My poor little lamb! I actually picked out the stitches the other night with sterile sewing scissors....the shelter owner assured me that was fine. I was so careful and took my time, and she didn't even flinch when i cut and pulled them out....brave lulu belle!!

See these glasses! My precious pup got a hold of them and by the time i caught her she had chewed out the lens and started crunching it.....i searched inside her mouth and got out the lens pieces out, but there are a few pieces missing, oh dear, i think she actually swallowed them, they were plastic lenses so i hope it doesn't hurt her....I can never leave my glasses on the coffee table again....sigh!

LB and Steve love to cuddle on the sofa....she is Daddy's little girl, for sure!

I love this pretty little red wildflower in my garden!
There are still flowers in the backyard, the weather has been unseasonably mild as of late, although today was much cooler....

Oh and it's the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend right now. I am busy today making a pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce for tomorrow's big feast, with Steve and my brother Tom, and Susi, a close family friend. I can't wait for the turkey dinner!! YUM! I think there will be lots of leftovers this time since we have fewer guests this year. So there will be more turkey sandwiches and extra pie for the next day....sorry that Mama D and others could not make it! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, especially to my sisters Cathy and Carol, brothers Ed and Dan, and niece and nephew, Matt and Melissa. Also, to brother-in-law Bobby, sister-in-law Margaret and good friends Joe and Nathalie!


Felicia said...

Poor sweetheart! Hope she feels better soon.

Love your flowers :)

nathalie said...

I just had shivers and a little tear came up to my eye when I read my name on your post, that is so special to me! Thank you Pat! Can't wait to see you Saturday! Your garden is looking lovely as usual and your Lulu and Archie are so sweet! That's too bad about your glasses!

A Fanciful Twist said...

Happy Happy Thanksgiving! Such a wonderful little family, stitches and all.. xoxoox

risa said...

i love your puppy! i always wanted a dog named lulabelle. and now you have a lulu belle! yay!!!!

Steph said...

LB looks so much happier and at ease in these photos! Sweet pup.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Poor sweet Lulu. Hope she`s recovering really good. Love that tin!



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