19 March 2007

a passion for purple

These purple crocuses are so pretty, they lasted about a week, but one morning i awoke to find them on the floor...

..........one of my bad kitties decided to have a midnight snack and knocked it over, dirt all over the bathroom floor, and a half-eaten flower in the hallway. The leaves kind of look like cat grass, and I'm guessing it was Eddie since he loves cat grass even more than Archie. I got 2 little pots of lavender from a cute flower shop in the Distillery and they look very pretty on my bathroom sink, and i have the other one on the bedside table. It's so nice to have flowers around the house, it cheers me so much! We also have orange tulips and yellow narcissus in the kitchen and an orchid in the diningroom. Can't wait to see the flowers come up outside our house, although it's going to be awhile for that, we had light flurries today.... oh phooey!

..........and Easter is fast approaching and i have a little project I'm working on, it's a present for someone special.... hope i get it done in time to mail!


n said...

Oh those cats! My cat loves flowers too, to eat that is! I love lavender too Pat!
I think I know who that "little" special someone is!

risa said...

i love having flowers around too. i'll miss getting them in ecuador as we can buy 2 dozen roses for $2-4 and a bouqet of cala lillies or little orchids for the same.


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