13 March 2007

cake and company

Remember the pink cupcakes?
I made this sour cream pound cake because i had all that leftover pink buttercream frosting. Steve asked me to make chocolate cake again but i decided to make a buttery pound cake instead. Sorry Steve. But i'm happy to say he was lovin' the pound cake! We already had got some lovely strawberries so i decorated the cake with some, it turned out just lovely!

Margaret, the nice british lady from across the road, came for afternoon tea the other day......
I served her a slice of this delicious strawberry pound cake and a cup of coffee. She had me over for tea last month so i decided to have her over for some of my cake.

We had a lovely time, chatting about her recent trip to visit some family in California and Vegas. She is such a delight to talk to and a very warm and sweet, funny lady. She has a beautiful cat named Ulysses and is an amazing gardener, and i'm learning lots from her. Because of her, my spring bulbs will most likely bloom this spring, since it was she who told me to plant my bulbs with garlic powder. The year before, most of my bulb were eaten by those darned squirrels. I'm so glad i have a nice neighbour, actually most of them are very nice and i either wave and say hi to them or have a little chat. This is the first time i can remember where i've had a neighbour over at my place. Steve and i have been here nearly a year now, well, for me, not as long but we sure do love our house and Whitby and our neighbourhood. I hope we stay a good while!

does'nt this look scrumptious?


n said...

Pat, that pound cake looks amazing! I'm so happy that you have found a nice neighbour. It's so nice to know that you have someone close by that you can count on. Thanks for garlic powder tip. Our squirrels ate all of our bulbs so no tulips this year!

Tricia said...

yes Nat, so am i!
and that's too bad about your bulbs but now you know our secret!
Just go to a garden centre, buy some tulips, narcissus or hyacinth, and take out of the pots and plant in your front yard.
Voila! spring has sprung!

victoria winters said...

Um, YUM!? Can I please have some??? ;)

tatjana said...

Oh my god, you're killing me! How am I ever to keep to eating heathy and getting rid of my winter fat? ;D The cake looks wonderful, I love the red and pink.

annulla said...

Scrumptious? Yes, indeed. Looks wonderful. Please mail a slice as soon as possible, if not sooner. I'll be waiting by the mailbox, knife & fork in hand.

risa said...

those strawberries look scrumptious. i want to come over for cake and coffee! i can tell you about my travels but don't expect any help with gardening...that is definitely not my forte. :)


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