02 December 2006


Here is a photo of another cat named Ziggy. You may have heard about her in the news recently. She was found in a ships container in Liverpool England after being trapped for 17 days without food or water. Poor Ziggy, who was named for her different colored eyes after David Bowie, was rescued, and they are trying to find her owners (if any) in Israel where the ship came from. If I could, I would adopt her!


n said...

Poor little cat! She's so adorable! This morning I went to a pet store to buy food for my kitty, and they had a few cats there to adopt. I get so sad when I look at them but I just had to go see them. The problem is that I want them all! Aren't they sweet!

Tricia said...

I know Nat, it's sad to see a cat who needs a home, but chances are, they will find a happy place to call their own. Have you thought about getting a cat companion for your Susy.


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