02 December 2006

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button wreath
Originally uploaded by little birds.

Love this! Have to make, luckily I have a lot of buttons in my collection.

So, hope everyone had a good weekend. Steve and I went to see 'Casino Royale' with the sexy Daniel Craig, that shot of him on the beach was tres yummy! Wow, what an action-packed, plot-twisting movie. Gorgeous exotic locale shots, smart and witty dialogue, courtesy of Canadian Paul Haggis (co-writer) and an amazing chase scene at the start of the movie. Highly recommended.
We also stopped by the St. Lawrence Antique show and saw alot of neat stuff, including lots of beautiful Christmas ornaments and decorations, we bought a few ornaments to add to our growing collection. I've started to decorate the house, A Euclyptus wreath with silver bells and set out our collection of vintage Christmas cards, and were going to put the outside house lights on tonight. Still more to do, of course, in due time.

I love this Christmas Village scene:

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n said...

Hi P, seems like you are feeling better. Glad you had a nice weekend. Love the wreath and the decorations. I have finally started Christmas shopping. Three weeks to go, can you believe it?


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