21 July 2006

Somethings gotta give

I think I'll watch the movie 'Somethings gotta give' with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. It's on in 15 min. so I can write abit more before it starts. Gotta leave some time to make popcorn though - or heck, I can wait for the first commercial. I saw that movie with my friend Scotty a few years ago at the theatre - we giggled alot and I remember there's a real funny scene where Jacks' character catches Dianes' character walking through the house naked. It's a hoot! I think Jack also shows his ass in a hospital scene. He is great - gotta love Jack. Oh, yeah, the beach house is just gorgeous with it's white decor and bowls of seashells - I just love the beach and covet anything related to it, the ocean etc.

I hope I get to go this year - Steve and I usually go beach camping every year at Long pt. on Lake Erie - wonderful beach. Although last year our camping spot was full (we usually get to camp right on the sand and you have to walk over a dune to get to the water) so we had to go to this alternate camping area in a field near the beach. It was not very nice, and there were heavy metal people camping nearby who were playing the loudest, most annoying Death Metal I've ever heard. It sounded like it was coming up from the pits of Hell! So all in all, NOT a good camping trip. I think we better reserve a spot this time.

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