10 June 2013

What I've Been Up To

It's been quite some time since i've blogged and i do apologize.  I've had this blog going almost 6 years i believe, and you now how gung ho you can be in the beginning, then slowly it loses it's novelty.  I really can't explain why. Possibly a combination of loss of interest and boredom. I mean if it's not exciting or fun for me will it be for my viewers?  I've been checking my activity with the ol' blogarooni every week and i still get from 2 -6 views per day which is probably due to searches for certain tags, like trips for instance.  Or maybe from being on other bloggers lists of sister blogs.  

I am very excited about my shop on Etsy 'talkofthetown'.  It is my sister shop to Kookyhandbags, and i have just listed my 100th item! It's a milestone i guess. It's been my goal this year to have over 100 items listed. And the more you list the more sales. I've had more this year than last which is great. Still, i'd like to have more of course.  I still have another 40 items to list. I have a new passion for vintage jewelry and i'm buying from several sources. Goodwill, Ebay lots, Etsy lots, Church sales, Kijiji and Craigslist.  I just scored a bunch of designer scarves for $2 apiece. If you would like to take a look at my shop i would love that!  Here's the link talkofthetown Besides the vintage jewelry, i'm starting to list vintage housewares, plus i have handmade jewelry, up cycled clothing, and vintage clothing. I'm more into the jewelry and doing a lot of research on vintage brands. There are countless design brands and i'm having a great time doing my research. I want to be able to learn the value of my listings so i don't undercharge or overcharge my customers.  So that is my main activity at the moment.  I have been gardening a bit and taking my dog for long walks while i admire all the neighbors gardens, getting ideas for my own. This weather has been the pits lately though, windy rainy days. Summer is just around the corner though. Then i will be complaining of the mosquitoes, weeds and humidity and pining for fall.  I am looking forward to eating ice cream, walking along the lake, iced coffee on the porch and a trip to PEI in August. Hope you all have a super summer!

Tulips from the backyard. Only one pink one.

Fave breakfast...whole grain cereal with strawberries in my orange bowl from Barcelona.

Finally, the sunroom is warm enough to hang out in.  Lulu and Archie are sunbathing. In another month it will be a sauna in there though. Then they'll take their afternoon siestas on the shady porch.

The like to nap together.

Dinner: black bean and rice stuffed peppers with plenty of tex mex cheese and salsa. Yum! And leftovers for tomorrow! I can sew instead of cook!

My niece Melissa with Archie and Lulu, waitin for some food to drop on the floor.

My sis Cathy giving some lovin' to Lulu.

My brother Tom and friend Susi

 Lulu watching Dog Whisperer reruns

 Hogging the remote as usual.

Steve and Lulu..well, Lulu's eye

Brother Tom being his goofy self.  He took a photo of Lulu's eye.

Lulu loves her pillows. Yes, HER pillows. She doesn't like to share them.

Archie with my kitty tea towel. 

I just made some chocolate espresso hazelnut biscotti. They are pretty yummy.

They go great with my afternoon lattes, with my new espresso maker. A Gaggia Classic...i highly recommend this machine. It makes espressos as good as Starbucks. Ahhhh, the smell is awesome, and that first sip...sheer heaven. Can you tell i like coffee?  My fave part of the day!

Lulu doesn't always sleep like this, but it is funny that she chose the hard floor to lay her head.

Lulu's rooster toy, which also doubles as a chapeau. She looks very Swiss Miss. 

Oh, the humiliation. I am chewing your new sandals when you're asleep. Actually when she was a pup she did destroy new sandals. Little bugger!

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