08 April 2012

Victoria, BC and Seattle, Washington trip

Victoria (35)Victoria (49)Victoria (45)Victoria (56)Victoria (44)Victoria (31)
Victoria (29)Victoria (52)Victoria (40)SeattleVictoria (497)Victoria (470)
Victoria (409)Victoria (405)Victoria (400)Victoria (376)Victoria (367)Seattle Art Museuem

Victoria, BC and Seattle, Washington trip, a set on Flickr.

These are my trip pictures from March of Seattle WA, and Victoria BC. Had a great time with my big sis. It rained quite a bit and destroyed 2 umbrellas. Lots of great coffee shops and I loved Pike Place Mk. where they have the original Starbucks. I also loved visiting Beacon Hill Park in Victoria with their petting zoo, especially the miniature pigs.

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