07 September 2010

Cottage weekend

Me and Steve spent a few days at his Aunt and Uncles' cottage on Lake Rideau, just an hour outside of Ottawa. Steve was able to have a few days to relax before his last semester at nurses college.

I got a nice shot of this acorn wedged in the deck.


the area has a lot of dairy farms...

and lake country...

Rules of the john.

Click on the photo to see Woody the woodpecker having his snack.

more country kitsch.

Steve enjoying a dip in the cool lake. The water was warmer than the air.

View of the other side of the lake.

I love this clock...the bird and the worm move up and down.

Steve can't stop studying!!!

The dock at Westport.

Steve and Uncle Walter headed to the docks.


We found a really good pizza joint in Port Hope...Jimmy's pizzeria. Definitely going back again!

Uncle Walter eating chocolate mint ice cream..Aunt Doris and me eating black cherry ice cream...it was so good! And Steve had tiger tail.


Stephanie said...

NOM! that pizza looks good.

I love the little wooden mushrooms, too cute!

It looks like you all had fun, it almost makes me sad that summer is over

Hali said...

I like the acorn picture

José said...

Hi Tricia,

That acorn photo is interesting and I can already see myself doing a painting of it:-)
The room where Steve is studying would make a really nice studio.
As for the pizza, it does have a natural aspect.
I didn't check if you're from USA or Canada, but I have to confess that maybe influenced by media, but also from what I read in some products that I'm sent from USA, I "suspect" from food in North America, especially when not home-made.
But that pizza does look made with good ingredients.
I know it's not nice what I'm saying about the food that you eat in North America, but when I read some labels :-)
Unfortunately that is also happening here in Portugal and we all know that eggs are not as good as they were, fruit doesn't have the same taste as before, bread is not made with only natural ingredients in most cases, etc, etc.

Kind regards,


MsAnomaly said...

Great place! Looks like you and Steve had a great time. I love the acorn photo, too, and Woody, of course! I especially love all the great vintage stuff inside the cottage. That bird and worm clock is soooo cooool!


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