16 November 2009

5 + photos a day

My finale of the Seattle trip! These are various photos that i thought you might like:

stone sculptures on Bainbridge Island

Giant octopuss at Pike Place Mk.

yet another coffee shop, with a nice lookin' fella enoying his book and a coffee.

The Hole in the Wall - a great place for a bowl of award winning chili....the corn bread was terrific too!

Dahlia pastry and bread shop

See's Candies - yummy chocolate shop!

The Nut house in Pikes Place Mk.

two nutty ladies in front of the nut house!

cute little espresso bar

near the ferry to Bainbridge Island

Sculpture park next to the Space Needle

v gross yet cool v

Can you guess what is on this wall?

If you said gum you are correct! It is in the Pike Place Mk. and it is a wall covered in gum!! The germmiest wall in Seattle!

And so ends the photos of Seattle...hope you enjoyed the show!


MsAnomaly said...

I've totally enjoyed your Seattle pictures! Corn bread and Chili - YUM! I think those 2 ladies are kooky ladies, not nutty ;) So glad you had a great vacation. Thanks for sharing! Linda

nathalie said...

Those were great pictures! I had no idea what the wall was, that is gross but neat!
I really like the pictures of the two ladies!

2 Raven Chicks said...

It was so great to see all your fabulous photos! Thanks for sharing this with us!

Anonymous said...

chocolates and food look yummy

did you stick some gum on the wall too?


Anonymous said...

That is a giant SQUID!


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