24 September 2009

Brunch por deux!

Last Saturday, I took the train from Whitby to Toronto for brunch with my friend Nathalie, who came from Oakville. We try to meet for a girl's day out every year, although we missed last year, since she had a baby....little Claire Bear. Two years ago we had this get-together back in the fall of 2007, so we were past due for an outing.

The train goes by some spectacular scenery...

We had intended to try 'Bonjour Brioche' but instead went to 'Table 17' which I had found out about online. We were not to be disappointed...

Not only were we impressed with the atmosphere, which was very beautiful, but the food was quite lovely. Nathalie had a salad with a cheese toasts and I had French toast with cinnamon anglaise and berries, and we split the potato rosti...delicous! We also had wine with our brunch...it was all sensory perfection...the food and wine, the bistro setting.

Yes, i have a very difficult time gettin non-blurry shots...

A satified lady...see, she is smiling and laughing...well, laughing at me, for taking too many photos of the bistro! haha.

Afterwards, we strolled through Leslieville on Queen St. E. enoying the fabulous shop window displays.
This display looked a bit fishy to me!

After looking and walking around, we decided to stop at a cafe for a latte and treat. This espresso bar was just what we needed to rest our heels and have a pick-me-up.

A lovely cafe with great atmosphere and coffee. To me a great cafe is a wonderful thing. I wish I could go more often!

This is what it's all about...great coffee with a great friend!

**********I HEART COFFEE!!*********

This lady was in the window of the cafe. She was wearing a pretty frock as you can see. Poor thing, she lost her arm which she now carries with her in her pocket.

Time to go back on the train. Nat and I said good-bye at the train station, and I headed east, her westward bound. (See any famous landmarks in this photo?)

Can't wait for next fall, so Nathalie and I go out again!

*********2 friends*********


Anonymous said...

What a lovely trip! Of course I stared at the photo of the coffee for way too long! Yum! I just posted about a train trip we're going to take, so I was excited to hear about your adventure :)

nathalie said...

It was a really fun day Pat! Can't wait until next year!

tricia said...

Oui Nathalie!! Merci por un tres fabulous day!

FrumsGlass said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful day. The coffee, the charming restuarant, reminds me of a day I spent in Italy with my husband.


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