30 December 2008

last day of 2008

On my last post of the year, I'm going to show you my last photos of my precious Eddie. I showed a photo previously which I thought was Eddies' last photo, but in fact, these ones are the very last. Steve took these on Christmas Eve and I'm so glad I thought of it, to have one last photo of Eddie with me at Christmas. (I think I must have said 'last' five times in this paragraph!)

The photos are not very good, but they're all I have. I guess we need to play around with our camera's options some more, because at night the photos appear so grainy.

I'm thrilled that Edie's photo got a nomination for best cat photo on the flikr group, Siamese cats and their feline brothers. What an honor for a beautiful cat and a beautiful photo taken by Steven.

On December 27th, when Eddie passed away, I lit a candle beside one of his framed photos, actually his only framed photo, that is a black and white photo of him from when he was only about a year old.

I can tell you we're all pretty sad about Eddie. Even Lulu looks like she knows something is amiss in our household, but actually, she usually has a sad worried look, so what do I know.

Archie, my other kitty, doesn't seem that affected by the loss of Eddie, maybe a bit out of sorts, crying a wee bit more than usual, but he is a crier....an annoying one at that. Steve is usually shhhhhing him, or chasing him away because he is so irritating sometimes. Wish he were more like Eddie, always so calm and quiet. But Archie's personality is that of a rebel, probably due to being a red head!

Eddie sure loved the sun! Every time I see a patch of sunlight on the floor, I will think of him, and how much he loved sitting in the sun, working on this tan.

Lastly, I wanted to wish my wonderful and ever so cute nephew Callum, a very Happy Birthday today. He is 3 years old now, and his little adorable brother Sean, will be turning the big 1 on Jan. 1.


27 December 2008

Edie is gone but not forgotten

My heart is broken today. Edie has passed on to kitty heaven. I am so saddened to have to tell you. I will post more about Edie soon.
Thanks to all who have sent condolences. If you want to read some from my Etsy friends go here.

(last photo of Edie)

God Bless King Edie


may he reign in heaven.

22 December 2008

tis the season to be....

stormy..... that's putting it mildly. We've been pummeled with snow storms 2 or 3 times in the past week. Poor Steve is shoveling constantly, as i watch from inside, as I'm excused from snow shoveling since my back is prone to aches and pains. (Lucky me, except when my back is acting up!)
This is a neat shot of the view of our side window at the top of the second floor. It kind of reminds me of a Turner painting, all misty and stormy looking.

The view from the sun room is of a winter wonderland. Our backyard now features a pile of snow, a tiny mountain for Lulu to climb up and down. It was so funny to watch her run around the yard, at top speed, flying over the mountain of snow, and wading through chest high (Lulu's chest) snow drifts. Then she bounds up the deck stairs and waits at the back door, barking to be let in, her nose covered in snow. I am getting very weary of constantly letting her out, she being a snow lover and all. Not to mention having to towel her off every time!

Steve is definitely weary of shoveling our walk and driveway!!

I put up a eucalyptus wreath for our front door, and added some bells so that every time you open the door, an angel gets its' wings. There are certainly many an angel with their wings now!

Speaking of angels, my little grey man, Eddie, is not fairing too well these days. If you've read my previous posts, you may have remembered that he does not have a lot of time left because of his illness. He has lost more weight again, and has sores, losing fur. I may have to think about his comfort, and put him to eternal sleep after the new year. I just want one more Christmas with him, and enjoy his company for a little while longer. I don't want him to suffer much more. I am trying to make him as comfortable as possible. He seems to be sleeping a lot lately in the cupboard in our front hall where we store our shoes, so I've put a nice warm blankie in the bottom for him to lie on all day. He does still sit in my lap occasionally, but I've noticed his appetite and energy levels are not good. My poor Eddie. I'm sure I'll be a basket case when he does go.

I'll leave you with this polaroid photo of me with Santa, from 1999, Wow! Almost 10 years ago!! It was the last Christmas I had before I met Steve. This was the only man in my life up until my Steven....ha ha.

17 December 2008

fa la la la la

It is so amazing how time flies. Christmas will be here in one weeks' time!! How are we supposed to do all the holiday preparations in time?

Every year I vow to start earlier with the gift finding, sending of cards (I did them early this year) baking, decorating, etc. etc. and somehow I end of scrambling like mad until the last minute, wrapping gifts at 1 pm, bleary-eyed watching Scrooge dance around his room and then doing a head stand in a chair..."I must stand on my head, I must stand on my head!!!!"

(photo of my neighbours heritage home)

I've done most of the decorating I guess. The tree is up and trimmed, the cards are displayed, the outside lights are strung up, stockings for the fur babies are on the mantel and I've sent a parcel to my little nephews in Boston. I still haven't done any baking yet, or finished decking out the halls. I need to up my caffeine intake me thinks.

Isn't this the most Christmasy house?? If our neighbours house is ever up for sale, I'm going pounce on it!! I'll have to get a photo of it at night with the lights for my next post.

14 December 2008

walking in a winter wonderland

(Me at Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square)

The other day Steve and I were in Toronto and wandered around the city checking out the new AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) since it underwent some major renovations by Architect Frank Gehry. The transformation is quite amazing, so if you are in the Greater Toronto Area, I would urge to go and see it in person, and if on a budget like most of us, go on Wednesday after 6 pm for free, if you don't mind waiting in a long line outside for abit...it was well worth the 15 minute wait in the cold, thankfully the hot noodle soup we had warmed us up wonderfully! We art-gazed for a full 2 hours after enjoying a delicious cheap dinner in Chinatown at our fave Vietnamese resto 'Pho Hung'. We love our Pho!

(skaters at Nathan Phillips Square)

After the art and pho, we checked out the holiday decorations in Eaton Centre and Nathan Phillips Square, but skipped skating due to being too tired after walking through a gallery for 2 whole hours, so we watched the skaters instead while sipping some hot chocolate. It was a very nice day, even though we didn't get to skate or shop much. Since Steve is in school for the next year and a half, we are on a strict budget. That's okay, our closets and our house is pretty cluttered anyway!! I'm trying to make most of my gifts, which is a good thing, since crafts made with love are usually much appreciated, i think. I hope they are! My niece Melissa and I recently made fun fabric houses that are lavender scented. We scoured through tons of fabrics, buttons and trims to create our own unique versions of home sweet home....or rather home scent home, since they are filled with lavender buds. They are great to prop up on your bed or sofa....I may be adding some to my shop soon!

(fabricated houses made by Melissa & Me)

(back of fabricated houses)

(hall table with Christmas cards I made)

I've been so behind with doing Christmas related stuff....wrapping and sending gifts, decorating the inside and outside of the house, baking, etc....but we did manage to get our tree the other day, although it took quite a long time to make sure it pointed straight up, with Steve having to take it back outside to do some sawing. It is now standing perfectly straight and is decorated too. I really need to get busy and attend to my other Christmas preparations. Only another week and a half til the big day! Yikes!

(City Hall at Nathan Phillip Square in holiday hues)


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