22 October 2008

Make me a halloween cake as fast as you can!

Does'nt this cake look wickedly delicious?? They used marzipan for the pumpkin stems and mini bundt cakes to make them!

Country Living is my favorite magazine of the time being, and seeing as it was a special issue with lots of Halloween stuff, I threw it in with the groceries and hoped Steve wouldn' t notice! Why do they tempt us with all their magazines near the cash!

I saw this cake photo and nearly fell off my chair. I knew this was the cake I needed to make! I hunted for my cake decorating equipment from a class I took 10 years previous, and went to work.
(Scary photo above......my messy disorganized kitchen drawer. Eeekkkkk!)

I quickly gathered all the ingredients, thankfully i had everything i needed, and got out all the pans and bowls, measuring spoons and cups and my trusty mixer. Luckily the microwave didn't over soften the butter!!

I got my sugars and butter mixed nicely, and then neatly broke all the eggs in the bowl, blending everything together with the dry ingredients.

My lovely smooth batter was ready for the floured and greased pans....
and into the oven they went, as Lulu watched and trembled with anticipation.

Time to make the fluffy orange buttercream, flavored with orange extract and Cointreau liqueur.

Just a few more drops of orange food coloring for some Halloween coloring. Not the orange I was hoping for, but still nice.

It has been over 5 years since I had a piping bag in my hands, but I was hoping my shells and stars would come back to me....sort of like riding a bicycle.

Okay, all ready to assemble. Luckily, the cake turned out quite nice and even.

I melted some dark chocolate and added some Cointreau for the ganache.
Time out for tea!! Earl Grey anyone?
I carefully poured the glossy ganache over top of the cake and spread it evenly, after adding some orange buttercream between the two layers.

I had some orange smartie candies to add to the Halloween theme, and some blue gel icing from a tube to spell out a scary message.

Hopefully, it scared away all the goblins and ghosts who might eat it all up!

I piped some stars in between the candies.....
and then piped shells at the base. Looks nothing like the recipe, but i find making it up as i go along a good thing!

Yay!!! It looks very Halloweeny and cute! I can't wait to eat some!Either can Lulu. She got to lick the bowl. I just can't resist those pleading brown eyes!

Lulu is quite thorough! The bowl was spotless after she was finished with it!

I wish I could give you all a slice!! Hope you are inspired to make your own Halloween cake!!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

How cool! You're having so much fun, good for you! I think I'll make some Halloween cake now too!

kim* said...


FrumsGlass said...

Your cake looks better than the one in your inspiration photo. Yummy! I love the mini bundt pumpkin idea. I have ten years worth of Country Living, from the late 80s and 90s, that I can not part with. Well, I would to a good home.

littlepapoose said...

wow..i love those first pumpkin cakes!! soo creative! and well, i love chocolate so their right up my alley ;) hehe

i saw you were going to follow my blog..(and yes i forgot the dot(.) in the name!)
but how do i follow yours if theres not "follow this blog" link?!
maybe im just a bit ...slow ;)

nathalie said...

That looks amazing and so yummy! You are one talented baker Pat!

Anonymous said...

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