03 September 2008

summer is fading fast..

kind of like these faded sunflowers......which were in my livingroom for a good week looking pretty until they started to bend over as if in shame that their beauty had faded.

Although to me, I think they still look quite beautiful in this state!

My nastursiums turned out so darn well...I have them sitting on an old chair in the back yard. The leaves are so pretty, so lily pad-ish looking.

Who's that??? Looks like creeping Steve peeping at me through our yard gate!

Lulu seems unsure of what to do next. Hmmmm, she thinks....Should I go make poopy or go eat that neat looking bug and then throw it up on the rug in the livingroom?

Yes, Summer is winding down....I feel the humidity today and yearn for crisp fall days wearing new shoes and a warm jacket and soft scarf with leaves swirling down all around me. Even though I got to swim in a pool today and cool off I still would prefer the jacket and scarf to lounging in a bathing suit by a pool. Yes, I know I'm a strange one sometimes!!


nathalie said...

Hi Pat,
well, I felt the same way yesterday. I was thinking of nice fall weather. It was so warm and humid! Even baby had trouble sleeping!
Love sunflowers too, have some coming out in my backyard!
How was the cottage?

Anonymous said...

ahhh yes good-bye once again to summer
looking so forward to fall and good cozy sleeping weather

lulu bell looks alot better



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