22 May 2008

Tiptoe through the....

The tulips are blooming and just starting to wither away now. I really have loved the show they put on in the front and backyard....

...and in my kitchen! I got this little vintage chalkboard and every so often I will doodle with my colored chalk. Lately it's tulips of course!

Steve took this lovely shot of our backyard.

The yellow and red ones came up first, followed by bright pink, deep plum and we even had some pale pink ones.

Our lilac bush bloomed beautifully this year!

Last year we only got a couple of blooms. I read that if the previous summer is hot and rainy then the following year it yield less blooms, whereas a mild and cooler summer will be more favorable for blooms. Funny how last years weather affects some plants.

They are so heavily perfumed. I put some in the front hall and they smell great!
Some of the perrenial flowers we planted last year our coming up!

And these bleeding hearts.

Archie is enjoying the sunroom! The owl an the pussycat...heehee!

He is usually in there most of the time.

As is this new kitty from my brother and sister-in-law from Baltimore who gave this delightful handmade plaque to us. I love the bird and mouse details!

Speaking of birds, I was lucky enough to snap this photo of a bluejay from my bedroom window. You can click on the photo to see him better.

Ahhhh, nature!


Angie said...

Your yard is gorgeous! I have lots of flowers, but no so many that bloom all at the same time. Archie looks very regal.

Anonymous said...

lovely yard and great variety of flowers
our lilacs came back this year too
smells great


A Fanciful Twist said...

What an incredible Alice in Wonderland post, with those amamzing flowers and such!!! Oh my goodness!! AMNAZING!!!! xxo

saffron said...

OOH! Your flowers are looking so gorgeous! I love how you painted your kitchen too! My kitchen has some green that is very close to that shade. and your sunroom is so lovely too. Great stuff to look at!

Tatyana said...

wow look at all those beautiful flowers. I'm in love with the purple tulips :)

jkrodriguez said...

I love your blog! It's so bright! And your kitty looks like my kitty! :) Great stuff on Etsy, too!!


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