05 May 2008

Lots of colors everywhere!

We've got color outdoors....

in pretty reds, yellows and green.

And we have the new colors indoors. Yes! We finally painted our kitchen!! What a job! Cleaning walls and removing all the pictures and things, so many things to dust and wash....then the taping of the walls and then finally dipping your paint brush in the can. Now I'm finishing the trim in the livingroom. Then I have to think about colors for the basement. We just got new carpeting and now I want to spruce it up down there.

This is the other side of the kitchen, we decided to leave it the color it was when we moved in. The lady picked a nice shade of bluey purple...periwinkle i think.

But I am so digging the new color. At first a bit shocking, but after we put back everything we loved it! So fresh and bright and pretty!

I painted this old bookcase with fake wood white and then the kitchen color for the back panels. It looks so nice now.

You know, once I start painting, I find it hard to quit. I keep finding more things to paint. I painted my dresser white and light celery green then decoupaged some flowers. I think I may need to add some more though.

Steve thinks it's a little too feminine but hey, I'm sure he'll grow to like in time.

Then we have my favorite sweater which is a brilliant shade of orange. This is the best item I have ever picked up at a thrift store. Soft vintage cashmere. I replaced the old buttons though with these cream ones. Oh, I got a haircut last week too. It's kind of sassy, no? Decided to go for bangs which I think make me look 10 years younger!!

I picked up this great book from the library from the new books display. I'm so into this new book called 'The Guynd: A Scottish Journal" by Belinda Rathbone. It's a memoir of a New England woman who marries a Scot and moves into his 400 year old ancestral home, The Guynd. The once-grand mansion is now in a crumbling state with overgrown gardens. It is a comical and often touching story of how they cope with the struggle of renovations and trying to restore it back to it's once glorious state. She writes poignantly and with wit about her marriage and living in rural Scotland, trying to adjust to a different land and class system. It's so wonderful to end the day reading in bed or outdoors in the middle of the afternoon. It's been awhile since I picked up a book that I find very hard to put down.


Anonymous said...

I've never been to that donut place!!!! I MUST check it out!! I'm gonna google it after I post this! ha! I love exploring different resturants/eateries around the city...there are so many, i don't know how they can all survive!
if you ever do come to nyc, you must check out the thai place (if you're a fan of thai food). its super yummy and very reasonable!


Anonymous said...

great color for kitchen

haircut is really nice too, I'm thinking of bangs too, maybe the Katie Holmes bob she got a while ago, I need a change, my hair is so blahhhh


Lisa PN said...

just thought i would say that i love the changes to your blog! I used to come and visit every once in a while and hadn't visited in a while. It's really wonderful! Great job and wonderful way of blogging about everyday life. So inspiring!


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