19 April 2008

spring projects

I've been very busy with lots of projects as of late. If you notice in the picture above, I have a half-finished project of this bird house. I painted it white and orange and gathered some twigs from the yard to hot glue on the sides. I'm also going to decoupage the front of it and glue on buttons and beads. It is a fun little project, but I have to admit that I started it last fall, and it's still on the table for the past week waiting to be finished!!!

I love this pretty geranium, such a great orange color. It goes nicely with the bird house project on the table behind it!

Project No. 2 - We are painting the kitchen finally! It's been on the to-do-list since last fall too. We got the house insulated then and we had all these holes, which we filled and primed. So since last fall we had the blue walls with clouds (the primed holes) and I told Steve THIS is the weekend we are painting the kitchen! It took forever to pre-prep, taking all the pictues and knick knacks off the walls and shelves, and cleaning off cobwebs and dust and grease...yucky!
We ended up doing a lot of spring cleaning in the kitchen, which is a good thing.
The green splotch on the wall is the color we chose, last fall! It has since become runny and so we need to take it back to Home Depot tomorrow to have them shake it up good. Hopefully it will be usable after it is shook up good and proper.

Right now the kitchen looks so boring and sterile. I need color!!

Project no. 3- I cleaned up the sunroom recently, it was quite messy and was full of junk and stuff, so it was more like a closet than an actual room. As you can see, Lulu is enjoying the sunroom since it's makeover.

I had to clear out the whole room to clean the floors and then added pillows and lots of knick knacks, books and magazines.

The glass table holds my collection of glassware, minus the light blue sand hourglass which Steve broke recently! I was rather upset when it happened since I just bought it and it wasn't cheap. But you know, it's just a thing, so I got over it.

The table behind the bench, has more cute country shabby chic stuff.

I love my sunroom now! I can sit here in the morning with my coffee and read and enjoy the warm sun. Someday I hope to get a wicker loveseat, since the bench's back is so upright that is not comfy to sit for too long. I like to read my latest design books from the library, like one of Kaffe Fassets' books. I'm really amazed at Fasset's designs, I'm reading his 'Glorious Interiors' book at the moment and one on patchwork. I've always loved anything patchwork and have made quite a few patchwork bags and pillows, including the two on the bench in the above photo.
I've got other projects on the drawing table, more lavender pillows and some decoupage items, plus I've got more bags to make. I just sold a few more pillows which I'm jazzed about! My sales were in a slump lately, so I was happy to get a few.
So, enjoy the rest of this weekend, and I hope you're having great weather. Here it is unseasonably warm, we reached a high of 22 C today, and this evening it is still a very warm 20 C!


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Love your colour combinations! And Lulu is so sweet all sleepy and cuddled up.


Felicia said...

So many beautiful things in this post. I adore the orange flowers. Your sunroom is delightful and your doggy is cute as cake :)

KB said...

Love the orange flowers. . . patchwork pillows. . . sunroom. . . Lulu. It's all so pretty.

Anonymous said...

hi tricia!
just popping by cause it's been a while! things have been real busy around here lately!

i love your shabby chic bench..all of the colors are so cheerful and fun!



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