05 March 2008

say hello to my little friend..

....his name is Fred. Fred is sort of cute. I'm still trying to figure out what kind of animal he is. He likes to lie around and listen to the Beatles White album and drink Nestle Quik. Fred loves to stick his tongue out, not at you, he just prefers to let it hang out. Fred needs a new home because he drinks all the Nestle Quik in the house, and all the milk of course!
That's the little description i have in my shop for Fred. I always like to come up with a personality for my little kooky friends. He and Harold the bunny are now waiting to be adopted. Hope some nice people adopt them!

here's a close-up of Fred. Is'nt he cute, well...sort of?

Archie sits in my studio and loves to sit on top of the sofa in the sun.

He's waiting anxiously for spring to arrive so he can go lie in the sunroom downstairs off the kitchen, which is too cold right now. Soon though, he will be enjoying the sun in another room as will I!!! 16 days til spring!!!!!

One of my new favorite things to do is decoupaging. I've even designated this box which i decoupaged to hold all my pictures from magazines. I have a huge stack of mags in the corner of the studio which i go through while watching tv and clip clip away with my scissors, images that attract me, flowers, food, interior design stuff, etc. Why should all these pretty photos be hiding when they could be decorating some object, like a piece of furniture, or a trinket box , or anything really. I got this new book from the library which is the most wonderful book i've even seen on decoupaging, called 'New decoupage by Durwin Rice. Yes, the man's name is Durwin!!! Reminds me a bit of Bewitched when the Mother-in-law called Darren Durwood or Durwin!!
This book is so fabulous i think i may have to get it from Amazon or the bookstore.
So, I'm getting ready to decoupage stuff soon. I've already decoupaged some of my light switch plates too.

So much fun!! All you need is an item to decoupage, some glue, magazine or photo clippings and varnish.

Born to Decoupage!!! (oops! i need to fix the 'p' - should be the other way!)

This is my latest lavender mini pillow. I love this fabric with the wee owls!! So cute!

It's in the shop too!


smittenkittenorig said...

Fred & Harold made me smile! Good way to start the day! Your Archie & my Alexande are both awaiting those sweet sunspots when Spring debuts. :D I've caught my kitty checking out her usual area albeit briefly.

And wow have you been busy creating! Cool job & you make me feel like a total slacker. LOL

Steph said...

OMMG! Fred made me laugh out loud as this page loaded. He is terrific!
I have tons of decoupage materials and have never gotten around to doing anything with them.

A Fanciful twist said...

Decoupage is from heaven!!!

Okay, your guys are lovely the real furry animanls and the stuffer ones. And I think I know who Fred is. Do you know in Sex and the City, when Carrie has to share a book reading with a dog. A famous dog... Well, Fred reminds me of him!!! Are you on your trip??? xoxo

ThePeachTree said...

Fred and Harold CRACK ME UP!! Don't even think of messing with those too :) Thank you so much for including link to us on your blog!! I'm honored!!


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