19 November 2007

dog day afternoon

Our Miss Lulu Belle has been with us for nearly 2 months now!

She is doing well with us and we love her to bits!!

Lulu loves to steal shoes and chew them.....

and she loves to smell Steve's stinky sneakers.

I love when she has her head down but her eyes look up at you inquiringly while alternatively moving the left and then the right eyebrow....so sweet!

LB loves napping on the sofa with her favorite toy.

Lulu has such soulful eyes...

and such long long ears!!!! This is my brother Tom with LB.

After nearly two months with Lulu, Steve and I just adore her and feel like real parents, since we're either snuggling or disciplining her! She is having training lessons, or rather we are being trained to deal with her, as the trainer says! We have a very spoiled beagle who is taking over the household and as a result we have some new house rules, which our trainer insists on. Now she is not allowed on the sofa because she has to learn that she can only go on the furniture when invited. Also, she is no longer allowed to roam freely, she must be on leash at all times so as not to get into mischief. Our trainer says that dog owners tend to treat their dogs and puppies like humans. As a result the dog can be difficult to train and keep in line. So training is challenging but i hope in the long run we will have a well-behaved dog who doesn't jump all over our guests or chases the cats away. Actually my older cat Eddie has become less fearful lately, and even stood up to Lulu the other day. He stood his ground and batted at Lulu with his paw. YAH FOR EDDIE!!


A Fanciful Twist said...

YOu look soo sosoosososooo YOUNG!!!! I think age really is JUST a number in this day and age!!! As for your pet, oh yes, discipline, so hard!!! I let Mr. Lovee do that with out girl when she was a pup, and boy did he do good. Only, she only listens to him.. YIKES!

I want to make a cranberry pumkin cake too!!! xoxoxoxox

Guess where I am going on my b-day? Tori....front row!!

Charlie said...

very cute beagle!! masssive ears!


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